The Collectors Museum Challenge Rules

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In this challenge you have one sim collecting everything to fill up all the collections, save one piece of each thing you find. So you at the end, turn the house to a museum and upload it to the gallery.

Quick Start!
⦁ Put Life span on Normal
⦁ Young adult
⦁ Nature Aspiration, any career. Any traits.
⦁ Move to any lot you want as long as it´s empty, make sure you can fit a museum at the end.
⦁ Give the lot three traits
⦁ Start to collect

  • Start with:
    ⦁ Put Life span on Normal
    ⦁ A young adult, any gender. If you get one from the gallery make sure it´s a sim with with no skills or extra traits.
    ⦁ Give your sim Nature Aspiration. Pick any Career of Angling Ace, Freelance Botanist, Outdoor Enthusiast, The Curator. You can change the Career during the game, BUT NOT the aspiration. Give the Founder the traits, an extra plus is to use for it to get them randomly. BUT DON`T give your sim the trait Cleptomanic.
  • ⦁ Move your sim in to a empty lot, you are allowed to evict a family and then demolish the house. However you are not allowed to move later so make sure you pick a good size on the lot so you can fit your future museum on it. Dont build the museum to early so your bills get to high in the beginning.
    ⦁ You start the game with 0 Simoleons, use ”Testingcheats on” and then ”Money 0” cheat to get 0 Simoleons.
    ⦁ Pick three Lot Traits and stay with them thru the challenge.
    ⦁ Your sim is not allowed to get any job, but can sell stuff buy crafting. However there is some special rules on woodwork and paintings. More about that later.
    ⦁ Your sim is of course allowed to get married and have children. Children is important if you need a heir later in the game. Even that heir is of course allowed to get married and have children, but of course with the same rules as the founder had. Don´t forget when children age up to Teen give them Nature Aspiration to be able to be the heir. And more fun is to use for the traits.
    ⦁ The Spouse can´t get added directly from the gallery. The founder have to meet and ask the spouse to ”Move in”. Before Spouse moves in check your Simoleons and write the sum down to remember. When Spouse has moved in you need to delete the Spouse Simoleons, use the cheats ”Testingcheats on” and then ”Money (the sum you wrote down earlier” cheat to get ”The Founders Original Simoleons”. When your spouse moves in, make the spouse quit the job if she/he got one.
    ⦁ You are not allowed to control the Spouse and children, not even when the children is young adults or adults. BUT if you risk to loose your children you have to do what they need to fix that (Newborn – Teen) like feed them if they starv or skiped school to much. The spouse and children are not allowed to work or collect. The heir takes over as soon as your founder dies. The heir must share the same genes as the founder, so NO adoption or sim that has moved in. You are allowed to have as many children and pets you want, the oldest living child is the heir. But no one can move out!
    ⦁ Your Founder can have children from Vampires and Aliens, BUT these childreen can´t be the heir.
    ⦁ The Founder, your sim, is the only one you controll and do all collecting with. BUT when your sim need to travel to Granit Falls or Selvadorada the whole family must come too.
    ⦁ During the challenge you need to buy the Chemical Analyzer, buy and build a Rocket , buy the Microscope and adopt a Cat. And of course whatever else you need.
    ⦁ To be able to get a Cat you must adopt. There is two ways to do so. Adopt by phone cost 200 Simoleons but you in this challenge also need 1000 simoleons added to these 200. So you need 1200 Simoleons to get a cat. Two cats 2400 Simoleons .. No special rule to get a dog. It´s a cat you need to get the feathers.
    ⦁ If the other household members somehow get any collectible in there inventory, just sell them and enjoy the cash.
    ⦁ If you got the expansion SEASONS, you should start in the SPRING with your founder so he/she wont freeze to death. That way you got time to get a house before Winter.

The Collection
In this challenge is a special rule. Every first item of each thing you find you must save, you are not allowed to sell that piece. So the item you save is going to be showcased in the museum later. When you get copies you can of course sell them to be able to survive.
Your find the maps for what you collect in the founders inventory, then in the left corner you click on the diamond.

  • AliensBase Game – Rocket Science by building a Rocket and explore the space.
    CrystalsBase Game, Get to Work, Jungle Adventures – Dig up Rocks
    Decorative EggsBase Game, Seasons – (Get them when The Sims 4 Gives us a Challenge to Collect them). But in Seasons you can create a Easter Holiday in your calendar, make sure you add the Flower Bunny and the Egg hunt and anything else you like. You can find eggs in furniture on your lot and in other lot´s you travel to. You can of course add other things to make your sim happy like a grand meal and so on. But you cant control the spouse or children. Only have ONE EASTER a YEAR!
    ElementsBase Game, Get to Work – Dig up Rocks to get Metals and Crystals post them to the GEO COUNCIL to have the elements sent to you.
    Experimental Food PhotosDine Out – Take Photos of Experimental food in a restaurant. It´s not all restaurant that have these Experimental food. So you are allowed to place any restaurant like where ever you like.
    FeathersCats & Dogs – Get a Cat to help you to get feathers.
    FishBase game, City Living, Outdoor Retreat, Vampires, Jungle Adventure, Spa Day – Fish every where. Dont forget a trip to FORGOTTEN GROTTO. As you can find at Oasis Springs. Mount the fish to be able to save them.
    FossilsBase Game, Jungle Adventures – Dig up Rocks and then extract them from Limestone to a fossil.
    FrogsBase Game – Found in Logs, Water Pumps and caught at Ponds. Then you can breed to get other ones.
    GardeningBase game, City Living, Seasons, Get to work, Outdoor Retreat, Vampires, Jungle Adventure – Harvest all plants and tree´s. To get them all you also need grafting combinations to get the plants you need. Yes you do need to save a piece of everything you pick and showcase them. Not Plant them! Store your seeds/fruit/flower/vegetable in a Chest until you showcase them. So your sims dont eat or plant them.
    GeodesGet to Work – Level 10 in Rocket Science by building a Rocket to get to the Planet Sixam.
    Holiday Cracker PlushieHoliday Celebration Pack (It´s FREE) – Order them from the computer.
    InsectsOutdoor Retreat – You find them at Granit Falls, take the family on vacation and look for them. Try to find the DEEP WOODS where you can find rare Insects.
    MetalsBase Game, get to Work – Dig up Rocks
    Microscope Prints Base Game – Use the Microscope. For the rare ones you need Slides for the Microscope, to get slides you need to analyze Fossils, Crystals and Plants. To be able to analyze you need to buy the Chemical Analyzer.
    MySims TrophiesBase Game – Found in Capsules when you dig up Rocks. Then open the capsules to get the trophy.
    Omiscan RelicsJungle Adventures – Go out in the jungle to dig and follow the directions you get.
    Omiscan TreasuresJungle Adventures – Go out in the jungle to dig and follow the directions you get.
    PostcardBase Game, My First Pet Stuff – Get them from your Penpals on the computer. To get them all, you also need to buy a Rodent that will help you to get the rest.
    PostersCity Living – Found on Utility Boxes around the City San Myshuno
    Snow GlobesCity Living – Found in Cardboard Boxes around the City San Myshuno
    Space PrintsBase Game – Buy a Observatory and use it to get the prints.
    Space RocksBase Game – Rocket Science by building a Rocket and explore the space.
    VoidcrittersKids Room Stuff – Buy them on the Computer (Kids can find them in trash cans but in this challenge they are not allowed to)

The less Expansions you got the easier the challenge is for you.
Don´t forget to look in trash cans for stuff!

  • Extra
    Decorative Eggs – Get them when The Sims 4 Gives us a Challenge to Collect them or make a holiday, see above.
    SugarSkulls – Get them when The Sims 4 Gives us a Challenge to Collect them
    Magic Beans– Get them when The Sims 4 Gives us a Challenge to Collect them


EXTRA SPICE – Painting, Woodwork, Gnome & Photo´s

Paintings & Woodwork – To get some extra spice to the challenge is also to save paintings and woodworks the founder makes to sell. BUT The founder must save the first piece of what the founder makes. So for a example the woodwork horse, first one must be saved for the showcase, the second horse the founder is for sale and so on. Same thing with the paintings, but as you might already knows it will be harder with them, since it can take some time to get a copy of each panting.

GnomesSeasons – comes to the household in three on HarvestFest. Make them happy and Collect them if you like. You can also buy them in build mode, but that´s not a challenge so try to collect them on the Harvestfest Holiday´s. (Once a year) But sell the seeds they give you and don´t unpack them.

Photographs is someting else you can save but right now I´m not sure if they works to upload to the Gallery when you upload the Museum.


DON´T OPEN UP THE SEED´S PACKAGE, that will make it to easy in the Plant Collection. Just sell them and let your sim enjoy the simoleons instead!



  • ⦁ Not allowed to let your sim to recive the free earbuds. If you get them anyway try to let your sim not to use them. To make your sim happy by music, you need to buy a stereo.
    ⦁ Not allowed to let your sim be a cleptomanic, in the traits.
    ⦁ Not allowed to to live in an apartment
    ⦁ Not allowed to own a Business
    ⦁ Not allowed to be a Vampire
    ⦁ Not allowed to be a Alien
    ⦁ Not allowed to bring any sims back from the dead
    ⦁ Not allowed to move any sims out of active household
    ⦁ Not allowed to put your pet up for an adoption
    ⦁ Not allowed to let any sim in your household to work
    ⦁ Not allowed to buy any satisfaction rewards
    ⦁ Not allowed to move in a spouse directly from the gallery, let them meet first and the founder ask the spouse to move in and get married
    ⦁ Not allowed to make your pet in cas, adoption only
    ⦁ Not allowed to use the WISHING WELL from the Romantic Garden Pack
    ⦁ Not allowed to use any mods that change the game and challenge.
    ⦁ Not allowed to use the pregnancytest on the spouse if spouse is a female.
    ⦁ Not allowed to buy seeds or use the ones you get from the gnomes. (Just sell the gnomes seeds)


⦁ Only allowed to age up on the birthday, by cake or babies bed



  • ⦁ The Founder is allowed to buy lottery tickets when it´s a lotteryday in Seasons. The others in the household are not allowed to.
    ⦁ Founder is allowed to join any clubs as long as the clubs follow the Challenge Rules.
    ⦁ You can hire any help you like as long as you can afford it.
    ⦁ Use CC when you create your sim
    ⦁ Change your spouse + child in CAS if you like.
    ⦁ Sell the seeds you get from the Gnomes.
    ⦁ To travel, the challenge is hard enough.
    ⦁ To leave the lot for shower or use toilet somewhere else.
    ⦁ Buy food if your sim can afford it.
    ⦁ Add new Holidays in your Calendar, but each holiday, only once a year.


If Founder dies

  • ⦁ If founder dies before the heir is born THE CHALLENGE ENDS
    ⦁ If founder dies when the heir is a baby/toddler/child the other parent (the Spouse) steps in until the heir reach the age of teen. The Teen must continue school and do the collecting on free time. But until the heir is a teen the other parent (the Spouse) gets controlled but is only allowed to look after the garden to get simoleons to survive. But are only allowed to harvest, water, take weed of and spray to get rid of insects.
    ⦁ The other Parent (the Spouse) are not allowed to make new plants or plant any plants.
    ⦁ The heir is of course allowed to get a spouse and get their own heir, and so on …
    ⦁ So a good thing is to get a heir early in case of the founders death, a garden is good to get early too.
    ⦁ And of course the Spouse is not allowed to get remarried.


If the Heir dies

When Founder is dead and if the heir dies too without a heir itself, the heir´s oldest sibling takes over. The Sibling must already live in the household. If there is no sibling, the Game Is Over!


If the Spouse dies

If the spouse dies the founder is allowed to get a new one if she/he likes to. In the same way as the first one, ask to ”Move in”


The Challenge Ends
When all collections are filled and you made your lot to a working museum. Use what you want to make the museum as long as your sim can afford it.
⦁ Move the household out
⦁ Upload and share the museum to the gallery.
⦁ Put in the description #TheCollectorsMuseumChallenge so I and other players of this challenge can see what you have achieved. And of course for others to download your beautiful museum.


Add more rules?
Yes there will be more added as long as we get more stuff to collect in new Expansion/Game/Stuff Packs.

Share these Rules?
Please do so with a link and not put it on your own blog/website/forum

Print these Rules?
Yes feel free to do so! Download here for print

If you do this Challenge!

Please credit me if you do share this challenge on Youtube, Blogs and Forum.

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Good Luck & Have fun!

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